Hi there!

My name is Anthony Wong and this is my personal website. Here you'll find some information about me.

I started programming in junior high and pretty much haven't stopped since. My primary expertise is currently in iOS development, using an agile development environment for mobile applications. I enjoy the process of solving hard problems that companies face, using solutions that are well designed, and implemented with clean and efficient code.

I spend my free time tinkering with my car, playing the hottest new games, or enjoying food with friends.


Kik Interactive Inc. | May 2014 - Present

I'm currently employed at Kik Interactive as a Mobile Developer working on the iOS team, developing the Kik iPhone application. I work on all aspets of the iOS client, helping to deliver an amazing messaging experience to over 150 million users worldwide.


Software Engineering - Class of 2014

I attended the University of Waterloo, located in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada; one of Canada's most widely-known and recognized engineering schools. I graduated in April of 2014 from the Honours Software Engineering program, receiving my 'Bachelors of Software Engineering, with Distinction'. Waterloo is famous for its internship system called co-op - a series of 4-8 month paid internships in a real work environment interlaced with alternating school semesters. A list of companies I interned at as a student is listed below.


I've done internships at the following top-notch companies while as a student:

Want to know more about what I did at each company? Please feel free to drop me a line!


Twitter and Facebook are my primary social networks, but I also maintain a professional network through LinkedIn. I write and store most of my code on GitHub (including this site), and I'm a long time lurker of Stack Overflow. I hate cilantro (not by choice!) and less-so, onions. Powered by Jekyll.