Hi there!

My name is Anthony Wong and this is my personal website. Here you'll find some information about me, and my blog.

I started programming in junior high and pretty much haven't stopped since. I currently identify as an iOS developer and enjoy an agile development environment for mobile applications. I also enjoy the process of solving hard problems that companies face, using solutions that are well designed, and implemented with clean and efficient code.

When I'm not busy with an internship or occupied with school work, I spend my free time tinkering with my car, playing the hottest new games, or enjoying food with friends.

University of Waterloo

Software Engineering - Class of 2014

I attend the University of Waterloo, located in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada; one of Canada's most widely-known and recognized engineering schools. Waterloo is famous for its internship system called co-op - a series of 4-8 month paid internships in a real work environment interlaced with alternating school semesters - that is mandatory for many programs at the University. I'm a 4th year in the Software Engineering program, which is a co-op exclusive program. As a result, I already have 20 months of industry experience as a software developer.


I've done internships at the following top-notch companies:

Want to know more about what I did at each company? Or you think you know a company that should be on the list? Then please feel free to drop me a line!


Twitter and Facebook are my primary social networks, but I also maintain a professional network through LinkedIn. I write and store most of my code on GitHub (including this site), and I'm a long time lurker of Stack Overflow. I hate cilantro and onions. Powered by Jekyll.